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Whole Health and Healing

Ayurvedic Birth Charts

The Path to Living Your Best Life

To engage in the act of Whole Health & Healing we must take a multifaceted  & individualistic approach. This is precisely what an Ayurvedic Birth Consultation offers through a  system of knowledge born out of  Ancient Vedic Traditions and the Eight Paths of Yoga.


A Birth Chart explains how you are as unique as your fingerprint….

An ayurvedic Birth Chart consultation will:


      Uncover  your unique life- potential 


      Reveal the path of least resistance in eight areas of your life including physical health, career potential, and life partnership      


       Lead you to understand and be more comfortable with

yourself at the deepest level,  giving  you permission to be exactly who you are 

We are all born with capabilities that make us as unique as our fingerprints

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