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So What Exactly Am I Getting Into?

There is no one recipe for optimal happiness or wellness for everyone; An Ayurvedic Birth Chart specifically outlines how you, as an individual, find optimal health, vitality, and purpose in your life  

What A Consultation Looks Like

A consultation lasts an average of  2 hours and can be either virtual through Zoom or in person at Blue Banyan Yoga Studio. 


During our time together, you will be encouraged to share as much or as little life information as you feel comfortable with. We will use visual aids to clarify and simplify a large amount of material we will be covering.  Prior to our session,please send your signed waiver/confidentiality agreement and make arrangements to record our sessions for future reference as life circumstances change and evolve.


The day prior, Sophie will send you a virtual meeting link, or the yoga studio address as well as  several Google documents prepared exclusively

for you, which will give an overview of our time together.


What To Bring With Me

Once your appointment is confirmed Sophie will send you a personalized email with the door code in it. You will need this to enter the building. In addition to this please bring a device with a recording app as well as your signed waiver/confidentiality agreement. Feel free to bring snacks and water, two hours is a long time!


What Happens After A Consultation

There are two main reasons you may want to consider a follow-up appointment after your initial Ayurvedic Birth Chart Consultation


  1. A consultation gives a tremendous amount of information and you may find that a follow-up appointment would be helpful. There is no ‘prescription’ for follow-up appointments; some people follow up monthly, or quarterly, some follow up every couple of years.  You may find that ongoing support is helpful as you navigate your path to Whole Wellness. 

  2. It may be that, in time, you would like to learn more about yourself that an initial consultation does not cover. There are many layers to an Ayurvedic Chart, an initial consult gives an overview but does not allow for all the nuance and shifts that we encounter during a lifetime. It may be that down the road a particular area of life is feeling sticky and you may want to revisit. 

It’s for these reasons that I offer and recommend follow-up visits.



Areas Of Life We Will Be Covering


Physical Body - Your specific dietary and exercise needs  for optimal health

Career  - The type of work you will excel at and how best to approach  work on a daily basis

Dharma  - Your specific  contribution to society; How to find meaning in life

Desire nature - What you value most & what fuels you in your day to day life

Relating Nature - How best  to relate to others to avoid stress & strain including with children and life partners

Vitality - How to find and maintain energy as well as a strong immune system

Creative Play - The best way for you to play, recreate, de-stress and blow off steam

Spiritual nature - Specific practices that will bring freedom and inner comfort.

  • personal consultations discover each individual’s unique original life potentials.​
  • Just as one’s fingerprints are different from anyone else’s, each person’s diet, exercise, meditation and lifestyle need to be personalized to have the maximum effect.

  • each individual is a unique being and requires exclusive recommendations. 

  • tools for overall balance and integration. 

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