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"Sophie's guidance has been a great support for me in changing patterns of eating and I feel much better in every way. She is a very special, talented and wise healer."

-(Rabbi) Sheila Peltz Weinberg


"Sophie's reading of my Blueprint* has enhanced my self-compassion, and I honor more and more certain truths about how I operate.  Many of the topics we discussed and the subsequent nature of these areas in my life had subtly been thought or felt. But Sophie was able to articulate and put into terms some of this "unknowingness," and now I give myself even greater permission to lean into what feels authentic for me.  As a wife, a mom, a business owner, a global citizen, and more. I am so grateful for her wisdom!"

- Carly McDade



"Learning about my blueprint has been a life changer! As a mental health professional, I have had the opportunities to learn about and experience a number of effective growth-promoting practices (both within and outside of my profession). The blueprint has been a wonderful complement to the personal work I had done before. It has functioned as a powerful compass that guides me daily. Knowledge of my blueprint helps me to triage 'what's what' and not lose the forest for the trees as I navigate both small and big decisions. Sophie is a delight to work with! Her warmth, compassion, authenticity, knowledge, and wisdom allow for deep and effective self-exploration. I have benefited from my work with her so much that I have already asked for a number of follow up sessions as I consider various life transitions. Thank you, Sophie!"



“I was gifted a blueprint for my 40th birthday and this was such a great time in my life to reflect on myself, my life, my decisions up until now, etc. the information felt deeply validating and also clarified certain inclinations I had as to future paths. I actually bought a blueprint for my daughter for her 18th birthday. She loved the experience and felt similarly about it as I did. Sophie is so gifted in this work. If you are tempted or curious, just do it. You won’t regret it!”

-Marjorie Miller PHD


"Throughout my life, I have pursued many paths and opportunities to gain insight, advice and guidance from the universe. None have compared to the information and insight I received, and continue to receive, from Sophie's blueprint reading. While I took and maintained diligent notes on the blueprint, I really didn't need to because it connected so well to me I haven't forgotten anything!  It's uncanny how accurate some of the blueprint information is. I have gone to see her a few times now to tease out more information from the blueprint as my life has unfolded and Sophie's keen awareness and insight continues to guide me to a understanding of my place and purpose in the world. We are now working together in a year long 'coaching' project where we work through each area of life and I am constantly learning more and more about how I can use and apply the blueprint to help me not only make sense of my life but grow in new ways, find contentment in my day-to-day life and identify future goals. Most important to me in this process has been the incredible acceptance I now have of who I am, what I have to offer the world and how I can further grow into the best version of myself. I am so happy and grateful I am on this path with Sophie and my blueprint."

- Amy C, PhD


There is not a day goes by that I do not reflect on the findings that Sophie shared with me regarding my blueprint.  I am a devout apostolic Catholic.  I have two degrees in theology and sacred Scripture and I was completely up front with Sophie: I am not approaching this in a religious sense at all.  I sought specific vocational counseling, what you might seek from a job recruiter or a skills-inventory evaluation.  My approach was more scientific: I am a childbirth teacher and doula and I truly believe that the circumstances around my birth are significant and  carry meaning.  I believe that God created the universe and that I was created in a specific time and place and for a specific purpose.  The circumstances of my life have intersected and played out in such a way that I really had confusion: Was I meant to be a teacher? Or was I meant to be a healer?  


When I met with Sophie, I was at ease because she was warm and articulate.  I never got the sense that she was “selling me" anything.  I truly got the sense that she was reading a map, showing me things, tracing and connecting different attributes, qualities, propensities.  It was riveting because the map was of me but also because it seemed to have a logic to it that indeed “mapped together.” The most significant moment for me, was when I said, “I think that raising my four kids is the greatest work I’m ever going to do, so maybe I should just be home with them and continue that work.”  To this Sophie calmly replied, “No way. No. There’s definitely a group of people out there who need your touch— who need you.” 

-Maria Legaspi-Beatty, MA


My reading gave me a better understanding of my physical & health make up leading to a better sense of well being. Too, it was instrumental in enabling me to find my spiritual path which has enriched my life beyond measure. 

​Sarah Van Aken​



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*blueprint can be used interchangeably with Birth Chart

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