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Just click the button below and fill out the form! Sophie will reach out to you shortly. If you simply have questions please reach out to Sophie. Her information is on the main page.


Once you have made an appointment please print out the waiver and bring a signed copy to your consultation. Alternatively, you may fill it out electronically by making a  personal copy. You will not need a new waiver for each time you meet with Sophie.


Please note: this information is for Birth Chart consultations, not private yoga sessions.



Birth Chart: 2 hours - $250 with a $75 cancellation fee with less than 24 hours notice

Birth Chart follow-ups: 1 hour - $100 with a $25 cancellation fee with less than 24 hours notice


Private yoga session: 1 hour - $90; package of 5 sessions - $425

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Photos by Nick Kelsh, Geof Margo, Sophie Simpson, Sarah Van Aken

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