Sophie Simpson

For most of her early life Sophie struggled with her physical health and often felt misaligned with societal norms and expectations; sometimes feeling disenfranchised and disconnected. Having done years of Birth Chart consultations it’s become clear that many people have the same struggles and may feel distanced from their deeper, Authentic Self.


In 2000 Sophie was introduced to Ayurvedic Birth Chart work at Laughing Lotus NYC, her "Yoga Home.” She attended lectures and had a personal consultation. It was her consultation that lead Sophie on her path to Whole Healing and inspired her passion for finding Wellness for others.


Sophie is a full time yoga teacher and Birth Chart counselor. She owns and runs Blue Banyan Yoga and is co-director of both Yoga Alliance Certified 200 hour and 500 hour teacher training courses.


Sophie lives in the truth that there is a Path to Wellness for everyone and is dedicated to helping her clients and students access their fullest potential for Vitality and Whole Health.*

* Please note that my story is not meant to imply any guarantee of healing or wellness as a result of a Blueprint consultation.

2018 Whole Health and Healing created with WIX by Ruby Simpson

Photos by Nick Kelsh, Geof Margo, Sophie Simpson, Sarah Van Aken

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